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When considering the storage of your records, the space and cost per square foot is what first comes to mind. But there are other considerations as well. How many man-hours are required to maintain your filing system? What about the capital expenditure for filing equipment? When calculating these factors, the storing of records can become costly.

If your offices are housed in a building at $20.00 per square foot, nine letter-size filing cabinets for your records are costing you about $1,000 a year, just for the space those records occupy. Those same files stored at Southeastern Records Management would cost less than $216.00 a year. In addition to the money you will save, you can rest assured that your records are safe from harm and you still have “round the clock” access.


The charges are computed annually, based on the linear foot usage and including a single factor rate covering all retrievals and deliveries. This rate may, but does not always, cover STAT requests.

We at Southeastern Records Management manage our clients records, including consultation about costs and storage options. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss all options, and provide you with a free estimate and evaluation.


Southeastern Records Management offers secure document destruction. Why pay someone to shred your documents by the minute or by the hour? With Southeastern Records Management you only pay for the documents you want destroyed, at an average savings of 35%. Secure & Confidential!

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