Any entity, be it a business, institution, or not-for-profit organization, large or small, that discards private and proprietary data without the benefit of complete and secure document destruction risks exposure to criminal and civil prosecution.

Careless disposal of information could provide your competition with valuable information. Shredding is the most reliable and economical way to keep your unwanted and obsolete records from being read by the wrong people.

“Your company must be careful not to walk into situations where your trade secrets are carelessly or unwittingly disclosed to the public. Even an unintentional disclosure could potentially disqualify your legal right to claim protection for your trade secrets in court. The legal implications are drastic since the property becomes freely available to the general public.” (The Trade Secrets Handbook; Dennis Unkovic, Esq., Prentiss-Hall, Inc. New York, NY, 198)

These sensitive materials can become a serious liability, if not properly destroyed:


  • Payroll Records
  • Engineering & Design Notes
  • Personnel Information
  • Paper Documents
  • Sales Reports
  • Computer Discs
  • Financial Statements
  • Computer Tapes
  • Invoices
  • Audio Tapes
  • Legal Documents
  • Microfilm
  • Medical Records
  • Microfiche
  • Tax Records
  • X-Rays
  • Marketing Plans
  • Photographs
  • Customer Lists

At Southeastern Records Management, our document shredding services provide peace of mind in knowing that your records are securely destroyed and that your valuable information is protected. Here are some of the benefits of allowing us to manage your records lifecycle and document shredding needs:

  • Records Management and Compliance expertise
  • Assurance to consumers and businesses that you’ll safeguard their information
  • Reduced storage requirements and costs with consistent best practices
  • A dedicated team to assist you during the records management lifecycle
  • Protection through strict security practices and an unbroken chain-of-custody
  • Certificate of destruction, providing you a legal audit trail
  • Excellent and Professional Customer Service

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